Sauna+Steam/HammamSauna | Sauna+Steam/Hammam
Gross weight:
Size:265*160*220 cm
Total Jets:
Container load:20 GP 4 pcs/40 H...
Material:Hemlock ,Alumini...
Water capacity:
Control type: Liquid crystal ...



Sauna                         + Steam/Hammam 
Material : Hemlock ,Aluminium Frame ,8MM thickness Temperred Glass , Acrylic Tray, PVC Floor  Material : Hemlock ,Aluminium Frame , 8MM thickness Temperred Glass ,Acrylic Tray ,PVC Floor
Detail Components:
Detail Components :      Top Copper Shower :1set
    Hemlock backboard 2 pcs      Speaker 1pc                
    Thermometer1pc            PVC Seats2sets              
    Sandtimer1pc            PVC backboard2sets              
   3 KW stove1pc            Switchers 1set                
    Hemlock Seats2sets          Waterproof LED  Lights 1set    
    Hemlock Floor1set            Steel Handshower 1pc    
   Waterproof LED Lights1set         Steam medicine box 1pc              
   Stainless Steel Handle  1pc          PVC Floor 1set                
   Liquid crystal computered controller1set        Oval Shape Stainless steel handle 1pc          
               Liquid crystal computered controller 1set        
               3KW Steamer 1set              
Note: 6.53 CBM              All is with 12V Safty Power            
Loading capacity :  20 GP 4 pcs                        
  40 HQ  10 pcs            

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