Modern design swim spa, luxury hydromassage swim pool, exercise swim spaSPA | Modern design swim spa, luxury hydromassage swim pool, exercise swim spa
Gross weight:850KG
Total Jets:136
Container load:1pc/ 20GP; 2pc/...
Water capacity:2482 US Gallon/ ...
Control type:America Balboa c...


SPA part Swimming part
Seating Capacity:3 Persons Seating Capacity:0 Persons
Lounge:1 Persons Lounge:2 Persons
Dimensions/Weight/ Container load
SPA part:
Pool Part:
Packing dimension 5950mm*2300mm*1400mm
Weight - Dry/Filled 850KG/ 10250KG
Water capacity 2482 US Gallon/ 9400Liters
Container load 1pc/ 20GP;  2pc/ 40ft
Shell colors 10 color available
Shell material Aristech Acrylic 
Pumps--SPA Part
(UL,CE, KC approved)
Pumps--Swimming Part
(UL,CE, KC approved)
Jet pump 1: 2.0HP Swim pump: 3.0HP x 3pcs
Jet pump 2: 2.0HP Jet pump: 2.0HP x 1pc
Circulation pump:1HP Circulation pump:1HP
Air blower:1.0HP Air blower: 1.5HP
Electrics--SPA Part Electrics--Swimming Part
Control system
America Balboa control
Control system
America Balboa control
Max power consumption:
7500Watt 11.4A in 380V 50Hz
Max power consumption:
13125Watt 19.9A in 380V 50Hz
Heater: 3KW/220-240VAC Heater: 3KW/220-240VAC
Underwater lighting:5 LED Underwater lighting:5 LED
Jet --SPA Part Jet --Swimming Part
Jets total (pc):71 Jets total (pc):65
Massage jets (pc): 62 Massage jets (pc): 46
Swim jet  (pc): 0 Swim jet  (pc): 9
Air jets (pc): 9 Air jets (pc): 10
Filter Front access filters x 2pcs
Effective Filtration Area 100 sq. ft.
Ozone Generator 50mg/h
Water diverter(pc): 2 Water diverter(pc): 2
Air regulater(pc): 3 Air regulater(pc): 3
Suctions (pc): 4 Suctions (pc): 6
Drain valve (pc): 1 Drain valve (pc): 1
Headrest pillows(pc): 2 Headrest pillows(pc): 2
Support frame #304 Stainless steel 
Overflow outlet (pc): 2
Skirt: Brown/ Grey / Black color

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Choose Your Personalized Accessories:

  • Sand filter
  • heat pump
  • plywood package
  • Storage tray
  • Stool
  • Bar Counter
  • Safety rail for walk in/out
  • Auto water in/out system
  • Teak Wood Skirt
  • Aromatherapy Box
  • Fountain with Led lights
  • Plastic Waterfall with LED lights
  • Remote control
  • waterproof Oval/Round Pop up speakers
  • DVD Player waterproof (Include MP3, MP4, USB, Aux input )
  • 17” waterproof TV
  • 2CM Insulation Board & Reflective foil on skirt
  • Insulation on pipe
  • Black FRP Base
  • Wooden plastic steps
  • Strong Wooden Steps
  • Ipod box (Used for smart phone with Android and iOS)
  • Corner light on external Skirt
  • Water level LED lights with color control
  • Heat Insulation on spa body
  • Stainless Steel Jets
  • Wooden plastic skirt
  • Hydraulic cover lifter
  • Nordic Cover
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